Our work in Afghanistan

Inside Afghanistan, SailsAway.Org has been working since the beginning of 2019 to help advocate for girls’ education,

– specifically to help create an agricultural school for orphan Afghan girls.

We have been employing Afghan nationals in the role of Field Supervisors, Research Agents, and Governmental Liaison.

What our Field Supervisors do, for example

  • Overseeing field surveyors and survey enumerators
  • Conducting field visits for focus groups discussions and individual interviews
  • Liaising with local governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Meeting with local elders and Shuras for advocating for promoting equal education
  • Developing progress reports from individual field activities
  • Visiting local schools and educational services institutions in Wardak province
  • Visiting orphans in local protection centers and orphanages
  • Advocating for promoting and advancing girls’ education in rural areas
  • Developing a comprehensive concept regarding advancing orphan girls’ participation in agriculture education
  • Conducting field surveys and research for establishing agricultural schools for orphan boys and girls
  • Sharing research findings with local and national governmental and nongovernmental national and international organizations
  • Working with the SailsAway.Org central office in the US in conceptualizing and mobilizing education activities and projects