SailsAway.Org is a non-profit organization that receives donations of old sails to be used in interesting volunteer work around the world building portable shelters, wind mills, and other practical, innovative projects. We work with cultural centers in the Galapagos to organizations which further the education of girls and women in Afghanistan.
We accept all kinds of old sails.
If you like, we can keep you apprised of how your sails have been used.
We offer a tax-deductible receipt of an appropriate value to be negotiated with you depending on the sails you want to give.
We will pick up your old sails or arrange for shipment.
We’ll do our best to make it as simple, quick, and easy for you as possible to give your old sails a new life that will benefit others!

Please contact:


Doug Renwick

600 F Street, Suite 3 PMB 625
Arcata, California  95521 USA
Landline (voice mail only): 707-822-9355
Cellphone (voice, text, email, etc.): 707-362-9545